"You can't save your time in a bank account, but you can spend it wisely." – Christian Moser

Founder of Christian Moser Consulting, and utilizing 35 years of IT business experience as a software architect and multi-project manager, Moser learned through extreme challenges how crucial it is to be able to produce top-quality results in a short amount of time. In realizing this, it became very clear that managing time was equally as important as managing a budget, and not solely for achieving success in the business world. Moser knows that becoming an expert on spending time wisely can also produce tremendous results in your personal life as well. And, therefore creating a healthier balance in life providing ease, satisfaction and contentment.
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What We Do
In collecting years of experience, Christian Moser, author of One Life, One List developed a framework of the same name. As an efficiency strategist, Moser helps entrepreneurs get products to market, assists them in finding excellence in their careers and provides individuals with simple, yet effective, strategies on building the life they desire. He combines perfectionism with rapid development, based on being super-efficient, allowing clients and participants to see results quickly. His mission of helping people across the globe to be able to work 10 times less but earn 100 times more is what continuously drives him to share his experiences, and knowledge.
Christian Moser, who specializes in strategic consulting, works with creative entrepreneurs and businesses of any size including small operations on up to worldwide enterprises. His vision, through his newly released book One Life, One List, is to turn entrepreneurs into successful, thriving industry leaders. Whether it be through one-on-one coaching remotely, in-person sessions, live seminars or subscribing to his online courses, Moser has carefully planned out proven systems to make an immediate impact for his participants.
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Founder & CEO
Formerly known as a self-employed software developer, Christian’s role within the company is shifting as he is the CEO and project manager. What is important to understand about Christian Moser IT-Consulting is that it is not just Christian Moser anymore, but Christian and his team members.
The company started out in 1991 while Christian was still in school at Hochschule Furtwangen, his first job was in making software for the auto industry. Growing up in the Black Forest Christian has always been very interested in and influenced by technology. At first Christian never really thought about being self-employed but after this first project, Christian began to love being self-employed. For 30 years Christian was a freelancer; being very hands-on with customers, selling his time to customers, and creating projects. After many years of being a freelancer Christian is ready to expand the company first starting with the Cologne office, and in the future, he hopes to see offices across the world.

Bambang Susiadi
Bambang Susiadi is an all-rounder and solid as a rock. Originally from East Java, Bambang came to Germany many years ago and has been watching over our numbers and our organization for 5 years. Nothing escapes him and now our tax advisor prefers to talk to him than to the management. His domain is not just numbers. He is also an excellent social media expert and has mastered the design of our internet presence down to the last detail. Together with our media designer, they are an unbeatable team. Website creation, planning and implementation of campaigns and the strategic direction of our marketing are in his hands. Nothing disturbs him so that the ship stays on course. In his spare time Bambang is a drummer and also teaches other people his art. Maybe we should start every day in our company with a strong drum roll.
Jasper Haag
Software Developer
“Doesn't work” - doesn't exist. Jasper always finds a solution when something goes wrong. Jasper is not only an excellent analyst but also has a wide range of technical knowledge. He has recently been leading our developments in the Oracle-APEX area. In this way we can successfully use our skills in many exciting customer projects, but also drive our own development forward efficiently and effectively. His care and his instinct for the needs of our customers and users guarantee that we stay on course and can purposefully expand our key competencies. Jasper is an excellent team player and often foresees things that the boss never even dreamed of. Pure teamwork!
Advantages of our consulting
Through One Life One List framework, costumers will obtain insight on:
Time Saving
Identifying areas of their lives where time is being wasted and provide meaningful solutions
Becoming more aware of daily opportunities and improve time management skills
Turning the subconscious into the conscious to be able to focus on priorities, be more intentional in daily efforts and develop skills on being more efficient in life and in business
Less Stress
Changing your live into a place of ease and abundance
Gaining Skills
Developing powerful communication skills
The Christian Moser is always happy and ready to collaborate with national and international companies
Dr. Subayal Khan 
Dr. Subayal Khan is the author of groundbreaking  book “Closing with Conviction and Confidence”, and advises to businesses and influencers on how to dramatically increase their sales and remain competitive in business environment.
Anna Blar
CEO & Founder Keraton
Keraton is an IT consulting and software development company in Indonesia. Since 2010 we have developed, delivered and successfully implemented software solutions for various businesses including: healthcare and medical, project management and other business sectors. We deliver flexible, customized and skilled software development services. 
Dr. Dirk Rohweder
COO & Co-Founder Teavaro
Teavaro ist ein Start-up mit Schwerpunkt auf sichere und datenschutzkonforme Lösungen zur digitalen Kundenidentifikation und Kundendatenaktivierung Als Middleware aktivieren wir vorhandene Kundendaten in digitalen Kanälen, erweitern den Einsatz von vorhandenen Kampagnenmanagementsystemen in die digitale Werbewelt und versorgen. Zudem bieten wir Beratugn rund um das Themen datenschutzkonformer Aufbau und Nutzung von Kudendaten an.
Reviews of our clients
This book "One Life One List"" couldn't have entered into my life at a more suitable time. I'm in the process of moving home, and I am a person that likes to keep things that aren't needed "just in case". Christian's ​One Life, One List method has shown me how I can still be prepared without the additional clutter. His system will transform your life! Use it!
Hermione B Sihukai
Founder of “The Sihukai Method”, High-Performance Healing Coach, Co-Founder of The Awakened Women Business Collective Ltd and International Speaker
After reading Christian's book, not only did it take me on his journey but also on mine, as parallel realms. I can relate so much - especially one of his paragraphs - "Have you ever been able to create something unbelievable out of the worst darkness and pain?"
Christian has highlighted once again that it does not matter what you have been through, it does not matter what your situation looks like, if you want it, the universe will bring in the experiences you most desire. Living is a beautiful thing. Thank you Christian.
Sandro Heitor 
Property Entrepreneur, Wealth Creator With A Difference, Author Of "The Entrepreneur Paradox
As a former world class athlete and Commonwealth Games Gold medallist, being organised is a key to success. Christian's book will help you to reach your greatest potential in business and life.
Steve Frew
The First Gymnastics Gold Medallist For Scotland in the History of the Commonwealth Games, ​

​The ultimate to decluttering your life. I never considered my self a hoarder, but after living in our old house for several years I acquired some "stuff". After a couple of months in my new house I still couldn’t find most things. If you are serious about changing your old habits and improving your current situation, then ​One Life, One List is a must read. This book changed my life, it will definitely change yours.
Dee Lana
Motivational speaker, Award Winning Author of “Get Stuff Done”, Founder of Sweet Women Business Group, Successful Mentor, Independent Travel Agent
The Book ​One Life, One List ​is a must read for all entrepreneurs who want to build a sustainable business system from anywhere in the world.
Jimmy Asuni
Author Of “Dare To Be Imperfect”, Motivational Speaker & Banker
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