About the course
This online course is based on the experience of professional artistic skills of Maria Fernando, the author of the Course. Both practicing illustrators and beginners can sign up for the Course. We use a variety of materials for work, we study the most innovative trends in illustration.
How you will like our course
Easy learning format with flexible timing program.
20 author works in watercolor. We love to display works of our students in our online gallery.
Communication with the teacher is always available. Ask a question about the tasks or ask for feedback.
Each student will receive a certificate of completion of the course with the assessment of the curator.
    You will learn a lot of new skills, maybe your new hobby will become your business.
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    Learn how to express your self on social media. How to be present and attract people and your follower deeper in to you and your subject.
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    Course program
    Starting in January  1. Video tutorials, group chat with your fellows, master's support.
    Week 1
    Introduction to the watercolor technique. The properties of the colors, the application technique, theory of color and examples of works by watercolor artists.
    Week 2
    Theory of shape and volume of objects. For more professional result, we learn how to understand the shape and properties of the object. We will study the technique of chiaroscuro and different ways of shading.
    Week 3
    Watercolor abstraction. We learn to combine the technique of watercolor, pencil, mix the paint and get different shades of colors. We try different types of paper and study the behavior of colors.
    Week 4
    Construction of simple figures and exercises on the color. We'll do small thematic drawings on the selected topic.
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